Sorella Beauty stocks beauty products for your home care that are clinically validated to show transformative results.

Pure Fiji

For centuries South Pacific Islanders have used a blend of pure coconut oil and local nut extracts infused with tropical flowers to soften, moisturize and protect their skin.

Pure Fiji brings you the best of these ancient traditions for today’s natural body care. Exotic nut and floral extracts blended with fresh coconut milk to hydrate, condition and protect your skin for the ultimate tropical spa experience.



CosMedix creates a healthy relationship with the skin by combining the finest plant-based ingredients with Nobel-prize winning chemistry. For cleansers to serums, Cosmedix works synergistically with the skin to correct some of the most troublesome concerns. Our products are gentle yet effective, free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, parabens and are always cruelty free.

We offer metabolic peels and retinoid therapy treatments to address a variety of skin concerns including aging skin, dry or dehydrated, sensitized skin, hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone, problem skin, oily and congested skin. Metabolism isn’t just about weight loss, our proprietary metabolic peels, treatments and facials use ingredients that neutralise on the skin as they deliver key actives to stimulate its natural renewal process. Results you can see without the common irritation experienced with traditional peels and treatments.

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